Thursday, September 12, 2019

Summary Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

Summary - Assignment Example In every organization, communication should be tailored to serve these four functions effectively. As highlighted, failure of communication to effectively carry out these functions only means that an organization needs to have more focus on developing its communication channels. The chapter also discussed the differences between the formal and the informal communication, highlighting the communication process. The communication process begins from the message to be sent, the encoding process, the choice of the appropriate channel, reception of the message and its decoding by the receiver (Robbins 370). The chapter highlighted how information flows from one level to another in different organizations. In some organizations, downward communication exists which involves the flow of information from the higher levels to the lower ones (373). Usually, information that is passed down the levels concerns the assigning of goals, policies, procedures and instructions from the top to the lower level. Moreover, feedback from higher office is passed down to the employees. In other organizations, upward communication exists which entails the flow of information from employees and other lower levels to the top management. In this case, the lower level staffs usually communicate in a specific manner that will attract the attention of the top management. This kind of communication is effective when employees are seeking to express their grievances or are giving feedback concerning their tasks. The third flow of communication may occur in a literal manner. Lateral communication involves people of the same level who may either be employees or managers. It is critical for the appropriate small group network of communication to be chosen depending on the criteria given priority in an organization. These networks may be chain, wheel or the all channel

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